My Conservative Thought Saying That Video Sharing Platform Is Ruin Our Brain

I'm new to TiKTok because I'm not interesting to it until I have so much words that have to come out from my brain. So I need media to where I can write in a simple quotes.

I have Twitter, but doesn't fit to the quotes I wanted as it is known as microblog platform. The main post on Twitter is words.

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Then I created TiKTok account for about a month ago. I have posted six contents so far. Unlike other content, I created only quotes that launches directly from my own thought.

These are the reasons why I thought video sharing like TiKTok or Snack or Capcut will ruin your brain because it work as same as social media. Those can distract you from your happy real life or worst, it can caused you some mental health concern.

1. Because we only watch, not read.

Our brain doesn't actively stimulate when we watch and stimulate better every time we read book, news, novel, poetry, poem, and any kind of literature.

Insider tells us that reading consistently strengthens connections in the brain, improves memory and concentration, and may even help you live longer. 

Healtline also cited same benefit. Researchers have foundTrusted Source that students who read books regularly, beginning at a young age, gradually develop large vocabularies. And vocabulary size can influence many areas of your life, from scores on standardized tests to college admissions and job opportunities.

2. Lack of creativity due to our desire to be like someone who viral.

We think we super creative by making funny and authentic video, but in fact we just want to have millions follower like Syahrini or Kim Kardashian.

We can be professional doctor, writer, graphic designer, engineer, even dedicated firefighter or police in real life instead by less watching TiKTok, SnackVideo, Capcut, and other video sharing platforms.

3. Block our talent off. 

There are some people who were born as entertainer, but not every people have to be entertainer.

What if we naturally enterpreneur-born? Or we have academic intelligent as a doctor, scientist, or even firefighter and police?

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If you create something new and its useful for so many many people in real life, you are the real and truly influencer. We do not have to be internet celebs. We also do not have to online on social media throughout the day because it can caused us some mental health issues.


In my subjective opinion, YouTube is the only useful video sharing platform where we can learn new skills like playing music instruments, swimming, dance, handy craft, and many things. However, if we only watch YouTube Shorts that has similar nature to TikTok, Snack, and Capcut, that will ruin our brain as well.

TiKTok, Snack Video, and Capcut are only for entertainment purposes which we supposed to not watch it frequently. Otherwise we addictive to it and feel those are affected our lives. Hence it is only a fata morgana to us.

I agree that content creator is now considered as a real job, but what happens in our future if young people want to be content creator instead of paramedic, as example, or teacher, engineer, diplomat etc.

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