Because Life Isn't What We Seen on Social Media

I'm frequently Twitter user due to its simple usage by only typing some words compare to Instagram or Facebook.

Then one day I have to made an account on Instagram for my son's requirement due to his participation in science competition.

When I started to following people and they followed me back, I later realized that Instagram is beyond-a-normal-limit to me. Everything looks out of reach and outrageous, and... 

At first, I'm so delighted by seeing others' photograph and what they have been shared. But I became more addicted to see what else they have and why don't I have what they have.

This is affect, even just a little, my mental health. Then I finally got my conclusion as same as when I deleted my Facebook account.

"Why are we even bother to frequently seeing other people's life."

As an adult I can strict myself to not open any other social media to keep my mind clear and not interrupt by the any kind of what people posts.

But what about our underage children? I'm honestly so wondering why most parents, in this country of course, always feel free letting they children to see and post everything on social media from the account that the parents created.

This is the reasons why we should restrict social media usage to our children and most importantly for ourselves.

1. Social media is addicting and can bring you multiple negative effects.

Multiple studies have found a strong link between heavy social media and an increased risk for depression, anxiety, loneliness, self-harm, also even suicidal thoughts.

2. Social media may promote negative experience such as inadequacy about our life of appearance.

This can be happened because we neither comparing nor mirroring they life to our lives.

When we realize lack of similarities between us and them, we instantly think our live is miserable.

3. The more we seen every photos and videos on Instagram, Facebook, TiKTok, and YouTube, the more we feel lonely.

The feeling of being part in the community of social media creates pseudo feelings.

When we ended up our social media session then back to reality, we feel none beside us. None has same passion with us. None can laugh with us.

Fact is, those are only pseudo feeling. Hence, that make us feel uncomfortable that cause by lack of confidence from the delusion that we can't have any goodness as we have in social media.

I'm so wondering why people said social media is entertaining them and make them can feel relaxed. 

To me, when I'm not on social media, that is time I can be myself who is got my freedom to think about anything and something without being affected by others' post.

Instagram, TikTok, also YouTube only show you some things that can be monetize whether it is good or bad.

Social media is not for connecting people nowadays, it is now purely business. Then actually it is okay for us to not often seeing our social media accounts. 

No need to be worry of missing anything because our lives not depend on what is happening on social media.

I am now rarely seeing Instagram not even post anything in a long time. But I still frequently on Twitter, hoho! I can envy nobody on Twitter because people only write they thoughts. Same as me.

Twitter users hard to monetize their tweet or account and can only held broadcast. There's a paid tweet but it is not saleable due to lack of people who bother to read paid tweet.

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